termSpace tool suite and managed services

SNOMED CT extension management and translation for terminology centers

An integrated workspace for authoring, content project management, quality assurance and release production


Our managed service enables users to focus on content

termMed takes care of environment maintenance, technical support, content management planning and design, batch updates, etc. Most processes automated from the user interface, integrated. Close integration with SNOMED International tooling platform components like Release Validation Framework, OWL toolkit, etc.

Content management

Our team of certified terminologists, modelers and implementation advisors complements the user team, providing a terminology help desk, consultation of editorial issues, and development of new content areas and concept models.

Our team experience

Our team has been supporting and editing SNOMED CT for more than 20 years. We provided support for more than 50 International Edition releases (English and Spanish), as well as dozens of international releases.

Innovative Solutions

We support 4 national release centers (Canada, Finland, Germany and Uruguay) and several large organizations and projects like the Common French translation project. And we have been collaborating with SNOMED CT design, specifications and editorial policies since 2001...


Translation into multiple language dialects with configurable workflows and project management

Authoring assistance

Machine-readable editorial guidelines, computer-assisted translation, concordance, similarity and translation memories enhance consistency

Flexible workflows

Support for collaborative translation with external, internal and contributor teams, assignments and work queues, project and task management, quality assurance and release processes.