termMed is an independent South American company that specializes in providing comprehensive managed service solutions for organizations responsible for maintaining SNOMED CT national extensions, as well as regional collaborating centers, health networks and implementers. We have a close working relationship with SNOMED International and National Release Centers (NRCs) to offer support and supplement the various requirements and content management processes necessary to publish extensions that fully adhere to SNOMED CT specifications, editorial guidelines, and best practices.

Our journey began in 1995 when we embarked on the translation of SNOMED III into Spanish. Initially, our collaboration was with the College of American Pathologists. In the early 2000s, we actively contributed as members of the SNOMED Standards Board and Technical Design Team, participating in the development of SNOMED CT specifications and completing the translation of the Spanish Edition in 2004 before expanding our support to the Chicago-based team maintaining and publishing the SNOMED CT International English edition.

Between 2006 and 2015, we exclusively focused on providing technical and content development support for the daily maintenance activities of the International English Edition of SNOMED CT. We operated as dedicated contractors to IHTSDO during this decade, and only provided support to NRCs on behalf of IHTSDO. 

In 2014, termMed developed the open-source SNOMED International browser, under contract with IHTSDO. While SNOMED International started the development of what is today known as the SNOMED authoring platform, termMed continued evolving the browser into a comprehensive, flexible and lightweight extension editing environment within the same year. This transformation involved leveraging the tools and processes that were originally crafted for maintaining the International Edition of SNOMED CT. The new lightweight platform started to be known as “termSpace” and focused on the needs of national terminology centers extending and translating SNOMED CT.

Since 2014, termSpace has provided support for the maintenance of the translation of the SNOMED CT Spanish Edition, and in the next few years was adopted by Uruguay, The Netherlands, and Canada. More recently, termSpace has been the tool of choice to maintain collaborative translation contributions coordinated by many countries sharing a common language, like French and German in Europe.

Today, termMed is based in Montevideo, Uruguay, and provides termSpace managed services to Uruguay, Argentina, Canada, Finland, Germany, other multi-NRC collaborations, and many regional or institutional terminology projects across the US and Europe. 

The core of our team has been working together for more than 20-25 years, and have contributed to the publication of more than 80 international and national SNOMED CT releases. As active members of the SNOMED Community of Practice we contributed to the development of SNOMED CT technical specifications, including the RF2 history tracking and versioning mechanism, the reference set specifications and implementations, and many editorial and model development projects in collaboration with NRCs and SNOMED International, like the International Clinical Drug model, the Vaccine remodeling, etc.